To become it, you must believe it

I am so sick of making excuses and not meeting my goals. I get in these ruts so often. Anxiety and depression lurk around, and I let them get the best of me. I will make excuses not to work out. I will not care about what I am eating. The funny thing is, these issues are mostly resolved when I am taking care of myself better. I guess it is a vicious cycle. I have been in another rut for about a month and today I decided that I must look forward and know that things will get better.

 My schedule is a little frantic, so it is hard to find time to work out. In a few months, my schedule will stabilize a bit and I can plan for more consistent days to work out. When I can organize my time better, I will be able to organize my eating plans better. Combining diet and exercise and sticking to my plans, will help me succeed in meeting my health goals. I have done it before. I can do this again.

Today I was blessed to speak to two gym members that got my mind back where it needs to be. The first woman is going through personal issues and despite losing a great deal of comfort in her life, she is still working two jobs and considering going back to school. She reminded me to not give up on my goal to be a published writer. No matter where we are in life, we can always start again and do better. Her mother was a writer and she never gave up. It’s an industry full of rejection. The key is believing in ourselves and not giving up.

The second was a beautiful woman who comes to the gym often. I consider her very fit and I would have never known she lost over a hundred pounds. Seeing her journey made me want to continue mine. She inspired me to keep going no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. She also gave me hope that my stomach will be tolerable when I get to my goal. It is my problem area and I am worried about it never being flat. Though she thinks hers is imperfect, I will be joyful if that is how my stomach looks in another 30-50lbs.

I think the Universe sent these women to me today to put me back on track. I just must stop giving up. Successful people succeed by doing things that others are not willing to do. I may have to get up earlier to work out before everyone wakes up. I may have to budget differently and meal prep better.  I need to be willing to do what it takes because sitting on my butt and wishing things will change will get me nowhere. I need to just believe in myself again and do it.

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