30 Day Social Butterfly Challenge

Science says that we are happier when we are socializing. We live in a world where most of our socializing is through an app or a website. We see smiling faces on a screen but it lacks a real connection. Our brains react in a positive manner when we make small talk but when we have meaningful conversations, that is when the real happiness chemicals start to flow.  I am guilty of spending too much time behind a screen myself. I crave social interaction and these days it seems hard to come by. We all say we will make plans to get together or to call but then we get lazy and go on with the rest of our lives.  I think many people want to branch out more but lack the knowledge of where to start.

I have designed an easy challenge to get communication flowing again. The steps are simple and all of which are done without social media. You will write to people. Perhaps they will write back. You will call people on the phone. I know many people rely too much on texting these days. The human voice is a gift.  We should really use it more. You will talk with people face to face. This can be small talk but you should challenge yourself to pick a topic that might spark a real conversation. Lastly, you will compliment strangers. This may take you outside your comfort zone a little. It doesn’t take much to make a person’s day. Tell them they have a great smile. Compliment their taste in clothing or hobbies. It may even set in motion a conversation that can lead to a friendship. All of these challenge steps are geared to help you develop meaningful relationships with people. You don’t need a large circle of friends but communicating more with those around you is key to maintaining satisfaction in this part of your life.

If any of these steps leads to getting together, here are some suggestions for social gatherings.

*Have a dinner party. Theme the night and have people bring a dish to match the theme.

*Game Night. Have a different person pick the game each time. Each person brings a snack.

*Outdoor Activities. You can play lawn games, have a fire, or play a group sport. I love just playing catch with a football.

*Sporting Event. Host a game day at your house to support local teams.

The list can go on but the goal is to socialize more often in person and not rely on electronic means to maintain relationships.

Good Luck and I would love to hear about any ideas you have for getting together with friends and family!



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