Why I give up opportunities to offer my opinion


Remember when we used to mind our own beeswax? Lately it seems everyone has an opinion and a lot of those opinions are pretty hateful. Negativity only breeds more negativity. Thread after thread of comments of conflicting opinions fill the internet. It is easy to hide behind a screen and spout hate when you have no repercussions. I admit that often I want to fire back with my own opinion. I would tell them how their hateful comments make me feel but I don’t. I stay quiet. I mind my own business. What does that do? Shouldn’t we fight for what’s right? Yes, we should but nothing will be accomplished by arguing on social media other than making your blood boil and put you into a worse mood. Did you really give that jerk what he deserved? Probably not. I have been sucked in before. I have chosen to step out of that fight and I feel better doing so.

I choose to focus my energy on bringing good to the world. I teach my own children tolerance and love. I teach them to be light in the world and lead by example.  When someone has been taught to think a certain way, it takes a personal event to change their mind. Telling them your own views won’t change their mind. They won’t say “wow. You know you are right! I think differently about that now.” Someone who hates someone who is gay may only change their mind after they have a loved one who is gay. Someone who hates another religion may only be tolerant when someone of that other religion does something nice for them. No amount of angry typing on your keyboard is going to change their mind. It is a waste of your time and energy.

If you want to change minds, act on it. Don’t sit behind a screen. Volunteer or donate funds to your cause. You can join with people who share your views. You can make a difference by doing. Together we can change the world but it involves getting up, going out, and getting together.

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