Counting my blessings

Life is short and life is not easy. So how do we stay positive in a world that is constantly throwing negativity at us? I find that a good start is counting my blessings. It helps to keep me grounded when optimism can be running low. I try to make a point of ending my day with a list of things I am thankful for.  I often stop myself because I realize my list is longer than I thought and that brings me comfort. It is so easy to focus on what we don’t have and what is making us unhappy that we lose sight of what matters.

Sometimes it is as easy as changing your perspective. You may think that your job stinks. You should be grateful to have a job and then work to find the one that would be better suited for you. If you are upset that you have no time to get things done, you can be grateful that you are able bodied enough to get your errands done and then make a plan to tackle your tasks in smaller chunks so you don’t get so overwhelmed. Another example is worrying about money. This is a problem that many people deal with. We never seem to have enough but we also should realize that money is not what is going to bring us true happiness. If you concentrate on being happy with what life you can achieve with the funds you have, you may find ways to cut unnecessary spending and you can put your savings toward something you really want.

I suppose there is a method to my positive visualization. It starts with turning a negative into positive, then making a plan to make that negative seem less daunting in the future. Suddenly you will find that you have less to be upset about and more to celebrate. Lately I am feeling incredibly blessed. I am in a good relationship with a wonderful man. I am working at a job that I love. I am living in a home that I could not have imagined living in after dealing with numerous issues with my last apartment. I am starting to work towards my dreams of becoming a published author and I am back on track with my fitness goals. Life is good. When the negativity creeps in, I will have to break out my list of blessings and stop it in it’s tracks and I will never stop working to make sure blessings from the Universe always flow around me.

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