Seeing is Believing

via Daily Prompt: Vivid

I believe the Law of Attraction truly does work. I also believe that the Universe is not going to just hand you things. You have to work for them. It is sort of like the saying “God helps those who help themselves”.  Everything all sort of comes together but there is one key step in getting what you want and that is visualization. You need to see what you want in your mind so you can manifest it in real life. These visions need to be vivid. You need to think of exactly what you want in detail. If you want a new car, think of the kind of car you want. If you want a job, think of what job you really want. Envision yourself driving the car. Envision yourself working at that job. The more you think of it, the more concrete the idea will be and you will feel like it is meant to happen.

A good tool to help you is creating a vision board or list that you can put out in the open to remind you of what you are working for. I like to have three “wants” at a time. Once one is accomplished, I check it off so I can be reminded of what the Universe is giving to me.  Every day focus on those things. Let’s use the car an as an example. Go one step further than seeing yourself in the car. Imagine how you feel in that car. Think of how good the wind feels as it blows through your hair as you cruise down the street. Under the “want” list bullet points on how you can achieve what you want. As you accomplish each item you will be able to feel your visualizations become more of a reality. Your vivid dreams will be right there in front of you in real life.



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