I’ve got my mojo back baby! Yeah!

As you all know I have had trouble keeping on task lately. I watch people work out all day and I rarely have the time to fit in the self care I so desperately need. My job is wonderful. I love that I have the option to exercise there as a perk of my employment. However, my schedule prevents me from getting much kid-free workout time before or after my shifts.  It is such a tease watching everyone work out and feeling like you can’t. I got a supplemental membership to the YMCA for two reasons. Child care and group fitness classes. I think having two memberships is nice because I will be able to mix and match my workouts and I will be less likely to get bored. Most of my lifting will be done at work while most of my cardio with be at the Y. I think that will be a successful plan.

I almost lost all my will to proceed last week. I was excited to try out a Zumba class at the new gym. My excitement quickly turned into frustration as the music started. The teacher went right into a routine. There was no warm up. It was just high paced, very technical Latin dance right from the start. Already I wasn’t happy with how this was going. I figured the routines would slow down so I could pick up the steps better. I am usually really good about mimicking the teacher and learning routines quickly but this class was nothing but the harder footwork. I wanted to leave. I wanted to give up. I took a deep breath as I was close to tears and I finished 3/4 of the class. The last bit of the class consisted of non-Zumba exercises like squats and planks. She definitely did not stick to the book. Several people walked out at this point including me. I felt defeated and I left wondering if I had what it took to be an instructor.

Post Master class. Sweaty but smiling.


Fast forward to Saturday. I was invited to attend a Zumba Master class with two guest instructors. ZES Richard Gormley and ZJ Christine Ricci were amazing. The energy in the class was electric. It felt like a Zumba class should feel like. It was a party! People were smiling and excited for the next song. It didn’t feel like a workout. I stayed in the back because I didn’t know any of the routines and I am a little out of practice but to my surprise, I got 90% of the routines immediately. I hadn’t lost my mojo. It was there all along. I just needed to be with other true Zumba lovers. This workout changed my life. Zumba got me moving. It got me loving myself when I never truly did before. It showed me what this body can do and 50lbs of my 80+ lost were because I discovered this wild world. Now I know it wasn’t me that was the problem in my YMCA class, it was that class just was not right for me. By the end of the 90 minute masterclass, I was sweaty and redeemed. It was just what I needed to kick my butt back in gear.

I am truly glad Maria invited me to this class. This community is bursting with smiles and acceptance. I know that it is where I want to be. I want to spread that happiness to others. I want to show them that exercise can be fun. I can not wait for that day but I know I have a lot of work to do to prepare first. I am ready.


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