Back in the saddle…again



I haven’t had a post since I hurt my back. I am definitely on the mend now. I didn’t gain any weight but I didn’t lose any during that time either. I’ve been working a lot of positivity, gratitude, and working the law of attraction in my favor. If you haven’t read The Secret, I suggest you do. It’s a fast read and it makes so much sense. The principles really do work too. You just need to keep at it.

I’m grateful to have this body and the opportunity to use it to inspire others to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I’m not perfect. I don’t expect to be a fitness model but I expect to be strong. I expect to feel amazing. I expect to be happy in my own skin.  This is all part of the plan. If I have setbacks, I can take a moment to refresh my perspective, but I will never quit.

I recently achieved my first goal on my vision board. I got a job at a gym! I’ve been trying to get into one for a while now. I didn’t’ even care what I’d be doing, I just wanted to work where I love to be. This is a national gym with over 1000 locations so the possibility for future growth is great. What I love most about my employer is that they pride themselves on being a judgment free zone. I can remember so many times that I felt shame for working out as big as I was. You can feel judgmental eyes on you like a weighted vest. It seems ridiculous. You are there to get healthy! It still happens all too often and I love that I’m working in a non intimidating atmosphere. I just started but I look forward to being a productive member of the team.


(It was a kajillion degrees when I took this pic)

I will be leaving my current gym. It is great, but the cost is high. I can get a workout in at my job and save the extra money for other things like pole and dance classes. I will miss Zumba with Maria most but I will try to sneak in on guest passes and she will still be my mentor when I go for my certification. Otherwise I’m really excited to get some more variety in my schedule.

So now I am working on my new fitness and dieting plan. I will post a sample when it is done. My downfall had been lack of structure. I wasn’t eating enough or enough of the right things. I wasn’t consistently getting my workouts in. I could stay the same but I wasn’t going to succeed Success comes in three parts: Planning, action, and faith. You can’t run on faith alone so I’m ready to keep working at it and checking more things off my vision board. Let’s do it. *determined hardcore face*



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