One step “back”

I did a bad thing when I thought I was doing a good thing. On Wednesday, I went to my Zumba class as usual. The instructor who was filling in was someone who I had attended several classes before. I am now pretty confident with her choreography. The class was full and my spot in front was taken so I took up space in the back and I had plenty of room to get my groove on. During a couple intense songs, a crowd had gathered at the door to watch. People are often nervous to attend a class. They think “I can’t do that”. I had the same thoughts before I started. My future goal is to inspire people to want to come to Zumba so I decided to be a rock star and go all out. Well, my brain was ready but my body was not. I performed exactly as I wanted to but the next day I was not feeling great.

I was sore all day. My lower back ached but I thought it was a pulled muscle until that evening. The pain progressively got worse. All day Friday, I had spasms and for a short time before bed, I had absolutely no pain whatsoever. I wish my story ended there. I woke up and couldn’t get out of bed. I laid there alone like an awkward turtle on my back trying to roll out. Eventually I did, but I had to crawl to the table and spend another 15 minutes trying to mentally psych myself up to dealing with the pain of pulling at the stiff muscles to standing position. Once there, my right leg shook. The pain was excruciating and it was then that I realized that I had popped my L5 out of place again. After uttering many words that are not considered ladylike, I very carefully got dressed and Frankenstein walked to the E.R. Thankfully I live next to a hospital.

They confirmed my suspicion and gave me anti-inflammatory meds and a muscle relaxer and sent me home. I was told to keep moving, alternate ice/heat, do the stretches I’ve learned in physical therapy (this has happened several times since the original injury in 2008), and no Zumba for a week or more. That is the hard part for me. I’m Wonder Woman. If the meds are working, I’m going to want to go right back to my routine but I can’t. I have to take it easy. I’ll be walking and lifting light weights for a few days. I will add more activity in as I feel better. This will not stop me from reaching my goals. It is only one step back. I will keep in my mind that you must pull an arrow back before it rockets forward. Baby, I’m going to hit that target.

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