Progress Report-July 2016


I found my Fitbit! It was in the same place I put it when I lost it last time. You would think that I would have looked there first! I learned my lesson and I’m back on track.

A few weeks ago, I started getting frustrated with my slacking. I’m normally pretty disciplined and I’ve let stress drag me to the dark side.  It can happen once and a while. I’m human as much as I want to deny that at times. However, it’s been happening too much and I’m entirely too close to my first major goal for me to lose focus.

This week I started to remember how it was before I lost the weight. I was winded going up stairs. I couldn’t fit in my car comfortably and at one point I remember being in tears at TGI Fridays because I couldn’t fit in the booth. Forget about Zumba, I could barely walk a mile. Once when I looked down, I could not see my feet. Now, I can see the floor behind them. My life has changed so dramatically. Of course it has taken 8 years of rocketing forward and taking steps back, but I’m getting there. The turtle won the race not by speed but by determination.

I have gone from a size 24 to a loose size 14. 270lbs (pics above were pregnant and slightly higher than 270) to 188. My back is smooth, my collarbones show, my waist cuts in, I can see a bicep, my calves look killer in heels, I can wear sleeveless shirts, and I feel sexy as hell in my own skin….I have seen so much progress that I can’t let feeling stuck get me down.

It’s time to plan. Get my workouts on a schedule. Train for Zumba certification. Plan my meals so I am getting the nutrition I need instead of grazing on whatever and then binging at the end of the day because I didn’t eat enough during the day. Cut down the sugar dramatically. I can do this because I know I want to feel healthier than I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m already at that point but I can’t help but be excited to feel even better. I’m going to get there because I know I can.

I’m looking forward to Progress Report-December 2016 baby!

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