Understanding-Daily Prompt

I see you there. You’re trying to blend in with the crowd. You don’t want to be noticed. You feel like the biggest person in the room. I see you fidgeting with your clothes. I see you self-comparing to other women. Don’t worry. They don’t see you, but I do.

I see the beautiful woman who has gorgeous hair. I see the beautiful woman with pretty eyes. I think she would have a great smile if she could feel comfortable in her own skin. I can tell when someone doesn’t feel confident in themselves. They should always feel that they are beautiful. It shouldn’t always be about size. I want to tell you that I UNDERSTAND…

I understand what it’s like to be subject to ridicule. “fat cow mooooo, sucks to be fat, you’d be so hot if you lost weight.”  The list goes on. I’ve heard nasty words about my size from the mouths of people who were no better than me but believed they were.

I understand what it’s like to be uncomfortable in your clothes.  The fabric sticks in the summer, pants are too tight, every little bulge is obvious to anyone looking. Even after losing 85lbs, I’m still tugging at my shirts to cover my tummy. I refuse to wear shorts. I understand what it is like to feel like all eyes are on you.

I understand what it’s like to start a healthy lifestyle and give up time and time again. It’s hard. Eating well can be depressing at times. It takes a lot of effort to meal plan and then you get to deal with temptation everywhere. I understand what it’s like to start working out and get discouraged. Results take time and if they don’t come fast enough it’s easier to give up than to keep going.

I want you to know that I understand you more than any stranger ever should. I want you to know that what you are feeling is temporary. When you don’t give up, you are going to feel differently. You are going to feel more energy. You are going to see results and they will motivate you. The temptation will not be as great. You won’t need to feel like everyone is watching you because you know they will be. They will be watching because you glow. Your smile and confidence will show greater than any flaw you think you have.

I understand you. When you keep going, you will start to understand me.


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