Twirling away…

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Even though I’m not at my goal, I feel foxy as Hell. I will wear sleeveless tops without worrying that other people would think my arms were too big. I wear tight fitting items that hug my curves in all my favorite places. There is no shame in my game. I know that confidence is the item you wear that most people will notice and when I feel foxy, I get noticed. I am the cockiest humble person you will meet. I waiver between thinking I’m average to knowing that radiate fire. I do try to channel that “foxy” feeling as much as I can because it makes me the happiest.

I have a gypsy soul. Freedom is most important. I want to be like the wind, strong yet graceful. The wind moves in many directions but all are exactly where it is supposed to be and wind fuels flames and being a fire sign, I feel like I can do anything when I can just move in any direction I please.

Belly dancing is one of my favorite workouts. It is surprisingly intense but you feel so good doing it.  The motions are fluid and sensual. Moving around the floor like the wind. There is nothing that makes me feel foxier than when I get into belly dance headspace.  Moving my hips in circles is cathartic. Making my arms move in a serpentine pattern makes them strong. Figure 8’s and undulations massage my core and trim my hips. There are so many benefits to belly dance.

We don’t have many studios in the area so most of my workouts come from online videos and dvd’s. I’d like to find a studio soon and start formally learning. The second certification I want to get after Zumba is belly dance. There are so many different certificate programs it will be hard to pick which one I like best. I’ll have to practice them each to make an informed decision.

No matter what size you are, you will benefit from belly dance. It is an efficient workout and the more you see results, you WILL feel foxier doing it. Get those scarves out and shimmy!


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