Not losing? Keep going!

Lately I’ve noticed the scale number plummeting. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not craving carbs and sugar again. I’m about 20lbs away from the big 100 now! I try to only weigh myself on Monday morning but I have a physical coming up next week and I’ve been peeking a little more.  This makes me think more about non-scale victories.

For a little while I was working my ass off but GAINING. It was driving me crazy even though I knew it was because I started to lift weights and it was muscle I was gaining. My body had not burned enough calories yet to reflect weight loss but there were obvious results. I lost an inch on all of my measurements. I was heavier but I could see my arms toning, my hips getting smoother, and my waist cutting in more. My size 16 jeans fall off me and I wear a belt (that has tightened 5 notches!) because I refuse to buy more jeans until I absolutely have to. It gave me the extra boost to keep going.

My stamina also improved greatly. I’m doing more dynamic moves in Zumba that I have not felt like I could do until now. Jumping has always been a challenge but it is getting so much easier. I’d always be afraid to jump on blocks. Now I can get onto the second level with almost no effort. Pride is a good feeling when you know you worked hard for something. There I was, alone in the weight room, glowing wide eyed to be on top of that little block. It was a small jump with a big impact.

Non- scale victories can be anything from fitting into new clothes to beating your personal best. You can’t always focus on the number. I am a thick woman. My trainer says I must be dense because I don’t look like I weigh as much as I do. I have very wide hips and my bum is shapely. That alone is going to prevent me from being in too small a size.  I am realistic about my numbers. I don’t want to weigh less than 160lbs so I will keep going and trust the process. I’ll get there but in the meantime I’ll focus on being stronger and enjoy those non- scale victories.


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