Rain, rain, go away. Seriously.

Motivation is not my strong point this week. The weather is bumming me out big time. Even though I work out inside for the most part, something about the dreariness makes you just want to curl up in a blanket and do nothing. Ok, well not nothing. There is eating and television involved.  It is meteorological sabotage and I can’t take it anymore. Last night I braved the pouring rain with two kids to go to Zumba and I felt great afterwards and I even had the energy to do a bunch of cleaning. Tonight I will probably be going to the gym. Do I want to get wet? Nope. Do I want to chase young ones around who think that mud is their top priority in life? Of course not. I DO want to feel good. I DO want to feel like I accomplished something for myself. These are points I have to keep in mind when I don’t feel like leaving the house. In general, I’ve been feeling I have to push myself a little harder to get things done but I just keep at it and remember the end results will be worth it. Also, it doesn’t hurt to know that there is a sauna and hot tub waiting to reward me when I’m done. =)



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